A 260 year-old German beer brand like Warsteiner is a tough thing to reintroduce to the entire world. That’s why Warsteiner’s famous ‘Das einzig Wahre’ – “The One and Only” is now ‘Mach das einzig Wahre’ – “Do it Right”. A real claim for real people, an attitude everyone can relate to. No matter who you are. No matter what you do.

A humanist ideology and new brand identity that extends itself to a holistic global relaunch campaign. Including a fast paced TV spot that gives a glimpse into the lives of real people doing it right. Personalities that are further explored in an online content series, distributed and shared across multiple platforms. A fully integrated concept that was rounded off by an international Print and OOH run.

In one month, the campaign achieved six times more views than the previous TVC campaign did in the last three years. It became the most viewed online piece of content in the history of the brand.

The Campaign also included a bold PR stunt on a 15 meter tall billboard at Times Square. Capitalising on the fact that competitor Becks lost its credibility with US customers, of really being from Germany, Warsteiner responds publicly with the line “Warsteiner. Premium German Beer From, You Know, Germany”. A dig, and a successful one at that. Each part of the project motivates and connects with a younger, hungrier audience without alienating those who grew up with Warsteiner. Because when you have to redo the “One and Only”, you better “Do it Right”.

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