Amsterdam Worldwide has been an Intel partner agency for ten years in this work. And together with Asus, we launched a new series of Transformer Books. An engaging and inspiring campaign – a combination of storytelling and shoppable content – brought the story of the Intel-powered device to life. It integrated brand and product messages, persuading the customer to explore, fusing both virtual and physical retail experiences into one.

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Every living heart beats. It pumps blood, filled with oxygen, through our bodies. And most importantly, it decides what we love. The heart of twenty-five year old Colombian, Sofia Gómez Uribe, chose to love the water. Under the surface of the ocean, the apnea sensation feels free. It’s where she paces her heartbeat, controls the oxygen in her blood and pushes her body to its limits. When these boundaries are bent as far as they can, Sofia falls back on something that enables her to breach them. Technology allows her to pursue the thing she loves, in ways that would have otherwise never been possible. For Sofia this means exploring new depths, discovering the unexpected, and the ability to express her love. Because only underwater, can you see Sofia’s Ocean Heart beating.

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