Amsterdam Worldwide was retained by Internaxx, then knows as TD Direct Investing International – to relaunch the Internaxx brand and undertook a complete strategy design and creative process in under three months.

Internaxx is an online investment platform that specialises in financial solutions for expats. An important topic for millions of professionals living abroad. To show that Internaxx understands the struggles these women and men have, the brand presents a campaign that ridicules problems every expat encounters. And while communication suggests that Internaxx might not be able to solve all these problems, it can most certainly find the right financial solutions for expats. 

A message with a second layer that does something far more valuable than merely solve everyday problems – it suggests a deep insight into the challenges of expat life. Awareness builds trust. And trust is the single most important factor when it comes to finances. 

Internaxx understands – Internaxx can be trusted.  

Living abroad is hard. Investing abroad is easy.

The new tagline captures Internaxx as the global home for your money, investments, and future. The message speaks directly to expats, creating a new level of connection to the brand

Going Home

“So, when are you going home?” is a question that probably every expat will hear at least once in their life. A situation in which a local assumes a foreigner to only be visiting a place, although they’ve been living there for years. An identifiable scenario for expats that is played over and over again in the first film of Internaxx’ new campaign. 

Video Call

The second film outlines a problem that every long distance relationship knows – keeping the flame alive through the screen of a computer. An expat couple tries their best to have a few moments of intimacy during a video call. 

Visual Guidelines

The new brand logo and corporate identity – including visual guidelines with logo, font, print, iconography and web – present a clean, modern, simple design. Clear and striking enough to be understood and used by anyone, anywhere in the world.


Logo Redesign




#00CC66 – #006699




Neutraface 2 Text Bold is a version of the logo font and is only used for headlines or primary text.

For any other text, use the system font Helvetica. Regular is used for main copy and the italic and bold version for hierarchy and highlighting purposes.

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